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Do you think its right?

If a child was homeschooled all his life until he was in fourth grade, Then Got to go to school 3 hours away But only went twice a month then homeschooled the rest? i just dont get the point of it.

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Get him into socializing with a different group of people.

Thrice Blessed
I’ve never heard of a situation like this before, so I am assuming that there must be some special circumstances involved. Perhaps the child is actually in a public school independent study program and has to meet with a teacher at school a set amount of time or something like that, or maybe is going to get some kind of therapy (for instance speech therapy) at the school or something like that. Or could the “school” actually be a homeschool co-op? Unless it is a scenario similar to these, it makes no sense to me.

Good heavens…3 hrs away. I wouldn’t waste my time getting dressed for that trip.

Stick with full blown homeschool.

BTW I agree with Glurpy—Private Schools don’t go this route and Public won’t tolerate it (they’d just as soon call a Truant Officer). So unless it’s a Umbrella School that holds Co-ops 2x a month……………….

And some homeschoolers wonder why we get such a bad rap (sheesh).


I could give points of why I disagree and agree. To be honest with you, the parents are doing what they think is the best option with their child, and they have that right. As long as parents are not abusing, neglecting as in not feeding or providing the needs and love, and schooling them in some way, we as society have no right to pry into their life and tell them what is best for their child. I get to choose what goes in my house and others have that same right. Parents need to take a stand and take back their rights as givers for their children and families and make choices based upon their needs, desires and financial abilities in this world!

If she were not sending them to any school people would say she is not getting them “socialized”, if she were sending them to a private school she would be looked at as a high roller and rich chick, if she were sending them to public school she would be jeopardizing their “real” intellect. You cannot please everyone and it is best if we never even try!


I assume it’s for a special class or tutoring? You don’t explain the situation very well, and it’s not appropriate to judge a situation based on so little information. I will admit it’s odd, but my son attended an astronomy class that was once a week an hour away, for two months, and that wasn’t wrong.

I’m sorry, I don’t even understand the scenario. I don’t understand any school allowing a child to only come twice a month–any private school I’ve heard of would boot the family out and public schools would probably not accept it.

If I’m understanding the scenario correctly, no, I don’t get the point of it. 3 hours away? Good grief.


that’s kinda stupid! i dont mean to be rude or anything! but if he only got to go twice a month and then right back to homeschooling what does that accomplish?

i agree with your i dont get the point of it either!!

it seems pointless to me!


thats just mean unless the kid likes it. I don’t think anyone should be homeschooled unless school dangers the child or they have some disability. it just makes kids not be able to learn life lessons and makes them not grow up the same way as kids their age. I donno. every homeschooled kid I know is just really weird.

Nope, it doesn’t make any sense to me. I wouldn’t get why some one would do something like that. I wouldn’t. That’s just too confusing.

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