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Do you hate social studies in middle school?

yea well i do.

it is really comfusing and i dont even know why we r supposed to know it!! we are learning about dead people!! I have nothing against dead people but social studies shouldnt be soooo boring!!

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mom of 3

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I did not like social studies either

5 years ago
It’s a hard question to answer. If you want to start homeschooling, you need to be sure that you have the dedication to do your schoolwork every day without making your mom chase you around. If you think that there is any chance that you will go to college, be sure to get all of your requirements done – like foreign language, science, higher math, etc. And remember to study for the ACT and SAT because those scores will mean a lot more from a homeschooler – it could make or break your admission, and then your financial aid, at colleges. Also, just because you are homeschooled doesn’t mean you will get away from drama. I was homeschooled through high school, so I know – teenagers can be really mean! I was friends with homeschoolers and public schoolers, and I don’t see any difference in how they act. The only upside is that with homeschooled kids, you don’t have to be around them every day. That said, homeschooling can be a great experience. I used my high school years to explore different careers by doing internships, freelance work, part time jobs, etc. By the time I got to college last year, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. So it can be an awesome experience, if you are prepared to work at it.

I agree that social studies has become boring. The reason Why you need to know it is because History repeats itself. It happens all the time. And if we don’t learn from the mistakes in our past we are doomed to repeat them.

If you look at it in the respect that the people who made the history you are currently learning about were just like you and me. Most of them were normal people, some of them just kids or young adults when they fought in wars and helped to build governments.

If you look hard enough, you’ll find parts that are VERY interesting.

There’s a great book out there called…. U.S. History Uncensored: What your textbook never told you

There’s so much that’s not being taught in schools, it’s a shame you’ll never find out any of the juicy stuff until you are in college.


sweet buttercup
i dislike history also but if you have a bad attitude toward it, it will only get harder. i made that mistake a few times in 7th grade i don’t want to go through the same thing in 8th. Try to have a different perspective in the subject. Act like love it for a while and see how it goes. it’s important to know the dead people for college. like the dead president George Washington he’s important. Good luck, u don’t want to fail history.

Uhhhhhhhh just to warn you, if you live in cali then you havve to take a really long test on social studies covering everything you learned in middle school. It is really long and hard. I think that you take in most states but im not sure which ones just i know since i live in cali that you do here! Good Luck!

yeah well. they put it into the school ciriculum so you don’t have a choice whenther you want to learn it or not. the main reason we have social studies is to learn about the past and to try and prevent the bad things from happening again.

take the civil rights for example. we want to try and prevent the bad things from happening again, but just like african americans weren’t treated fairly look at today with all of the non straight people. history is repeating itself all over again. people are becoming judgemental about people who aren’t straight.

we have social studies to try and prevent history from repeating itself but look at today’s world. it is.


I don’t like Social Studies at all, it doesn’t matter in Middle School or High School, even in College.

it all depends who teaches it. i had the greatest teacher in the world for social studies. when we studied egypt we made huge mummies. we had projects for exams and he made everything easy to understand because he was younger, and knew how boring school could be.

i did have the most boring teacher in the world too for geography. you just kind of have to live with it and try your best to pay attention. if you don’t understand something, ask. =]


Tarah Jiggity
I don’t think it’s so bad in middle school because you’ll probably learn about different countries and such. When you get in high school, it’s ALL about American history. Which is boring as hell!

well right now you are just in middle school so you probably dont care about any of this but you may come to appreciate knowing some of this information later in life.

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