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Do they have a GPA for Home schools, and if they did how would colleges look at it?

Also can a kid actually fail Homeschool?

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Yes, you can have a GPA. All you do is calculate your final grades, just like you would for a regular school. Some colleges look at your GPA, while others might just be interested in your SAT or ACT scores. The only way to know this information would be to check the schools that you want to attend. They have a list of all the things that you would need.

Yes, a kid can actualy fail homeschool. The parents are the teachers and set up the classes that they want their kids to learn. If the parent decides to give them a test and the child did not do as they were supposed to, they can fail the test leading them to a bad grade that can hurt their final grade. Some kids do homeschool through a correspondence school, this means that they get their texts books and tests in the mail and they must study and lean the material and if they do not study properly and just fill out the test as guessing, they can get a bad grade.


GPA is just grade point average, and yes, you can put a GPA on your transcript. If you are in a program that handles your records, they will do this for you. If your parents handle your records they can do this as well.

Colleges look favorably on homeschoolers more and more every year, and parent created transcripts are becoming more and more “mainstream” for a lack of better wording.

SItuations like the one poster that encountered in a college not accepting her credits, fortunately are becoming less and less heard of each year. If you are in a situation where a school will not accept your transcript, then, hon, find another school. You are the one in control, not them (because you are the one paying)

Now, as to failing homeschooling? If you have a program, like Abeka, that handles all the paperwork, assigns the lessons to you, and has requirements for advancement, and you do not meet those requirements, yes you will fail.

But in parent directed homeschooling, where the parents are the “administration” if you will, there is absolutely no reason to fail at all.

Most parents, even in full service programs like Abeka, will stop everything and make sure a concept is mastered before moving on.

But it is not a homeschool parent’s heart to sit and say, “oh, you didn’t meet these requirements by this time, so you will have to repeat this grade level or class. sorry.”


We do this because we want our children to succeed.


Yes, someone can fail homeschool. There’s a standard you have to stay up to.

As for a GPA most homeschooling programs have something included with them to calculate that.

I was home schooled 4th grade through 9th grade. And the school didn’t except homeschooling credits as ‘real’ credits. So I now have to take my GED to graduate. So as for what colleges think of homeschooling would depend on the school as well as your laws.


most colleges look at your transcript, so yes. Most people try to keep a “portfolio” which has lessons you have done, and what textbooks ,etc. you have used. I am not a homeschool expert, so you might find some more info if you did a long yahoo search! : )

Let’s be honest. Colleges don’t care about a home school GPA. If your are going to attend a 4 year school, you have to take the SAT or ACT regardless. It will weigh more if you are a home school student.

If you attend a two year school first, you still take dianognistic tests which will determine placement. These are the same tests most students must take.

My community college offers ten scholarships a year to home school students.


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