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Do Teachers Get Paid Immediately?

Like..if you get hired to teach high school math in the Fall semester and it is June…are you immediately on the payroll or do you start getting paid whenever school starts? I’m wanting to apply after I graduate next May, but I also want to know if I need to get another job until I start teaching in the fall. Thanks!

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Just to verify and validate previous answers….

You will probably get your first paycheck at the end of the first month of teaching. It really depends on the school district, but I have never heard of anyone getting paid before they begin teaching.

I start back in mid-August, and my first paycheck will be at the end of August.

So – if you need some dough, you will need to plan on working.

Best of luck to you.


Yep, everybody else so far is correct. You may have been hired, but your “contract” year has not yet begun – this typically begins sometime in August depending on your district. Then you will be paid the first pay cycle after the contract year begins. Districts will vary on this; mine pays the 23rd of every month, so 1st paychecks for new contract year are not issued until Sept. 23. However, some districts offer newly hired teachers the option to “get an extra paycheck” by taking the year’s pay and dividing it out to get you a paycheck in August. For example, my district pays 12 checks, so they would take the yearly pay and divide it into 13 checks – a bit less per check, but good for some 1st year teachers that really need to get some clothes and start paying bills.

So yes, you should probably get a job of some kind to get you through the summer.


Shellie S
The school district I worked for, the pay calendar began in September so you didn’t get your first check for the current year until the end of September. First year teachers did have the option of getting 13 checks instead of 12 so they would get a check at the end of August.

I have worked for 2 school districts and both paid once a month on the last day of the month. It’s not up to the principal when you get paid because the principal doesn’t sign the check, the school district superintendent does.

You will need to get a job and plan to work part time through the first month of school or budget so you will have enough money to live without a paycheck for that first month.


You will have to wait until after you have actually started working. Some schools pay every other week and you have to work at least 2 weeks before you get your first pay. Some pay twice a month and you have to wait until the second pay. Some pay only once a month and you have to wait a month. Depends on the school. You will need a job for the summer or save some money so that you can devote at least August toward preparing your classroom and lessons for the job.

tianna b
teacher get paid depending on the principal maybe once a week after school starts or maybe when they get hired it all depends on the district. Once they are hired they are put on the payroll like everyone else.

You have paper work to do. W-4 forms for tax deductions, direct deposit forms, next of kin, teacher’s retirement, health benefits, school calendar …The school should give you a packet with all this information before school starts.

They should give you a payroll schedule that will tell you when pay day is.


Alison P
They will not start paying you in June for a job that starts in August. You will receive your first paycheck after the first pay cycle ends after you have begun working. For my school this would be September 1st.

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