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could you read through, corrent and comment on my problem solving essay?

The Actual College Experience?

“Go back to your room!” squealed the rude program assistants. “I just need to use the bathroom,” I said politely. “No!” “Just go back to your room, Ruby!” they snapped. Does this sound like something that would happen to a college student? Of course it doesn’t. Every summer I participate in Upward Bound, which is a program for high school students. This program is held at Alabama A&M University. Although this year, being that I have graduated high school, I will be taking college courses on behalf of Upward Bound. I will also be staying on campus to get accustomed to the life of an actual college student. This program is said to give high school students a taste of the college experience they will encounter this fall. However, that is definitely not true. The program assistants treat us like babies. They make us feel like we are still in high school. They tell us when to take showers, eat, go to bed etc. This has got to end. If we are in college, we should get treated like it no matter who is paying for it. They want us to act like adults, so they should treat us like adults.

Having a meeting with the program assistants might help. We could express our views to them explaining why we should not be treated like kids and monitored all the time. We do not need a certain time to use the bathroom, be in our rooms, do our homework, or go to sleep. If we want to study late with each other, we should be able to that. It is our responsibility to wake up on time in the morning. We should let them know that we are adults just like they are and we do not need a lot of rules to keep us in order. We are old enough to know how to conduct ourselves.

If that does not work, we could take the issue to our Upward Bound director. Our director understands how important this experience is to us. She understands that this is supposed to expose us to real college life, so we will be prepared for it in the fall. This is a learning experience that strengthens our maturity and encourages growth among us. We will not have anyone looking over us in the fall, so why baby us now? All we would have to do is explain the problem to her, and let her decide whether or not she should take action and handle it. If she sides with us, the problem will solved, and we will not have to worry about being babied anymore.

Our last resort would be to rebel. This may seem slightly drastic but it is extremely necessary if we plan on getting what we want. If those program assistants will not understand where we are coming from, and director will not side with us, we should just do whatever we want. There will be no rules and no curfew. We are practically grown anyway, so why not act like it? We do not need anyone telling us what to do. However, rebelling may do more harm than good. If one of us is caught in the wrong place at the wrong time doing something we have no business doing, the program is held liable. We do not want to jeopardize the program so it will probably be better to try to work it out.

I love attending Alabama A&M University sponsored by Upward Bound. However, these crazy rules have got to be erased. I am not anyone else’s child except for my mother’s. If I am supposed to be granted the college experience this summer, I want the total college experience. I do not want someone breathing down my back all day.

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It’s a good essay but if you would have written it a little short i.e. 20 sentences less, it would have a been a fantastic essay

AT last i would like to say it’s a very good essay written.


4 years ago
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