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Characteristics of Successful Online Students?

The following list profiles characteristics that contribute to the success of students in an online environment.

Time management skills


Problem Solver


Computer Literate

Reads and Follows Detailed Directions

Effective Writing Skills

THE MOST IMPORTANT of all is taking Ownership for Learning.

Write 2 paragraphs about the skills you believe you bring to this experience. Each paragraph should be 3-5 good, strong, thoughtful sentences.

Paragraph 1 – Identify which two from the above list you feel are your greatest strengths. Provide an example of how you have applied each of these recently.

Paragraph 2 – Identify at least one of these that you may need to work at a bit or may need assistance or support. Who is the first person you would likely contact to assist or support your efforts?

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Leslie Q

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Well, I think all of the listed qualities are good to have, but what about honesty?

If you’re wanting someone to write the essay for you, then that’s plagiarism, and it definitely isn’t characteristic of a good online student.


5 years ago
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