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Can you please check this English sentence if it is effective and efficient?


This training covers all issues related to economic growth as Project Management Assistant is supposed to know this. Currently the Project Management Assistant must know the substance of all programs run by Economic Growth Office and do not only give support from administrative and economic aspects only. It is expected that this training will enhance the skill and knowledge of Project Management Assistant in understanding various issues related to economic growth so that it would make it easier for him to carry out all kinds of management project duties in various sectors.

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It’s neither effective nor efficient. Whew! It wore me out just to read it. Try this: Pretend you are hanging out with a buddy you like being with in an informal setting–beach, golf course, bar–and you’re telling him about this just how you would otherwise chat with him. Tape it, if it helps. In any event, write it down, and use THAT as your starting point instead of the sentence above. Now, shorten it and formalize it some to make it appropriate to your work situation–but not too much, if possible! You’ll be amazed how well this works.

Here, for example, is one way to rewrite the last sentence: “At the end of this training, the Assistant should know enough about economic growth to be able to manage all kinds of projects in various sectors.” Good luck with it.


Where do I begin??? Whew! Your first sentence is horrible and the second isn’t much better. No offense but you might want to get someone else to write this for you. Never end a sentence with only. lol…. and what about ” and do not only give.” I’m not even sure what that means. The sentence starting off…It is expected that this training..etc. Why not just start the sentence with… This training will enhance..etc..The phrase “It is expected” is not necessary. I also would not use the phrase ” so that it would make.” Try this:

The Project Management Assisstant training program is designed to cover all issues related to economic growth. This training will enhance the skills and knowledge of anyone who is interested in the position. It is necessary to know and understand the substance of all programs run by the Economic Growth Office. It will also be necessary for you to carry out all the management project duties of various sectors as well as give support from an administrative and economic viewpoint.

I hope I didn’t come off rude. That was not my intention. Some people are just better with words. Hope everything works out for you.

PS I tried to use your wording but there were a lot of good answers on this page


The Project Management Assistant must have knowledge of all programs run by the Economic Growth Office and must understand all issues related to economic growth. This training will enhance the ability of the Project Management Assistant to understand these issues, making it easier for him to perform his duties.

As Project Management Assistant, he must be familiar with all the programs run by the Economic Growth Office. The training program being offered will cover all issues related to economic growth necessary in the performance of his duties.

Ink Corporate
The Project Management Assistant training program covers all the issues related to economic growth. A PMA must be acknowledged in Economic Growth Office including administrative support and this training will increase the PMA’s skills and knowledge. . He will then come to a better understanding of various sector projects in order to undertake his duties

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It is redundant. Try to rework the sentence.

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