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Can I get some info on home schooling? Im not trying to go bankrupt doing it!?

I live in Louisiana and Im going to homeschool my two girls grades 4&9. I’m a single mom so I don’t have alot of money to spend and I sure don’t have any to waste on scams. Please help.

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Hello Tiny, I’ve put these together for you to look at and you’ll find that the “Printable Downloads” are Free, so that will save you some cash.


1. National Home Education Network

2. Help Your Child Explore Science

3. Natural Child Project

4. Family Unschoolers Network

5. Homeschool Groups

6. The Highschool Homeschooling Page

7. Homeschool Headlines

8. Home School Teachers Lounge

9. The Home School Zone

Homeschooling and Curriculum Resources Pg1

HOME SCHOOLING. also has the following information available free of charge:

Homeschool & Education Resources

Teachers use these resources; see if they are useful to you.

Printable Work Sheets.

Free Blank Outline Maps of the Countries and Continents of the World

Hope this is what you need. Good luck.


Anonymous will have all the info you need.

You don’t have to buy complete curriclums. You need to find out what books your girls need and you can piece it together yourself. Home schooling books don’t have to be expensive, you just have to know where to go. You can buy them second hand online, go to book store, thrift stores and yard sales. You would be surprised at what you would find. As long as you can read the book, it has what you need and you can do the work, it doesn’t matter if it’s brand new. Right? Recycling books is better for the environment as well.

On Craigslist, you can start an account and post a want ad. You might get free offers from parents who don’t need the books anymore. Everything is free on freecycle, but they won’t always have what you need.

Home schooling doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, you just need to have a thrifty mind for it.

It will also be a bit overwhelming at first, but you can find home schooling groups in your area. They will give you plenty of advice and support because they were were once beginners, too.


Jackie P
Here’s my best advice.

1. First find out your state’s laws/requirements to cover


2. Join the legal group HSLDA (Home School Legal

Defense Association). This group can help you with

all sorts of homeschool advice. They have a website. They are worth joining.

3. Go on Amazon and look for books on homeschooling;

I have Homeschool on a budjet and Homeschool for

free that I purchased Used for just a few dollars.

4. Some (not all) reference librarians can help with

information and also tell you about activities that

are within the library or locally that children can

participate in if they wish.

5. Join Homeschool online groups. Yahoo groups has

many. They can answer questions about getting

materials for free or almost free.

6. If you have the time, go to all your garage sales/

flea markets etc. You would be surprised how many

great educational books you can find for your kids

for pennies.

7. Join if you haven’t and post a listing

for needing educational books/materials. This site

offers all sorts of items for free.


You want to homeschool, this can mean a lot of things. For instance, do you want to homeschool through the public school, which is free of charge or do a private school.

This is what I mean. If you homeschool through the public school, for example, Florida has, your 9th grader will still graduate with a diploma. Or you can do Connections Academy. which is a online charter school. They often supply a computer and pay for your internet service. Connections Academy could work for both your children.

There is also

For your 9th grader, you might want to do a correspondence school, like Penn Foster They are a private school, so they cost money, BUT they have a low monthly pay. And you only have to pay $900 for they entire highschool package instead of those website that make you pay $1200 for every year.

You could also do the traditional homeschool, which they will not get a highschool diploma. For this, Depending on your state requirement, you will be able to choose what type of program will fit your family better.


Ok, I have tried several different curriculums and have come to decide NONE of them can meet our needs as a whole package. I have 2 boys, and while the younger is just preschool age, I have been feeling a little concerned about how I was going to handle teaching 2 totally different subject matters.

A friend of mine uses some of the concepts in A Well Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise and recommended it to me. Basically the thing I like about it is that it allows you to take the entire history of the world and spread it out over 4 years and use that history to dictate your literature and science as well. For example year one is Ancient Times which takes you from the earliest known activity to the end of the Roman empire, for your literature you read the stories of the times…the trojan horse, the odessey, myths and legends, your science is all life science and biology…all about the human body and animal life because that is where their science is. The next 3 years cover different parts of history and take you into earth science (geology, astronomy, meteorology, hydrology), chemistry, and physics.

If you do this you can buy one history text and workbook (Susan Wise Bauer has The Story of the World), and one science curriculum each year, and get most of you literature from the library. From there you only have to handle math (where there is no way they would be on the same level) and things like grammar and writing where you could get a book and work with both on rules and writing styles like letters, creative writing, research papers, poetry etc. You would of course expect more from your 9th grader as far as vocabulary and spelling as well as sentence structure, but the principals that are needed are not beyond a 4th grader. I have pulled together a few things for this from our local school supply store, but there are quite a few activities in the Bauer history workbook as well as in the science curriculum I chose, so I didn’t need much.

To me this is a cost effective way to teach, runs less than $300 per year for both kids even if you buy some literature books (and really you could do it for WAY less), but at least as important to me is that I will not constantly be juggling the needs of 2 kids. We will be able to come together for most of the day, the kids will be able to work together on projects, and they will each have independent study time for math where I can work with them and then leave them to it a bit.

Hope this helps.


Thrice Blessed
For help with curriculum, go to

Also check out

Lots of useful things can be found at the Library.

If you enroll in a correspondence school you will pay more money, if you do it independently you can get by inexpensively, try the thrift stores and used book stores, ask where they would shelve homeschool materials and educational materials. Also try going onto Yahoo Groups and finding homeschool related groups, many of them have curriculum trading or used curriculum sales.


a former YA user
I am a homeschooling mom in Louisiana. Here is my yahoo homeschool group that you can join for more info:

Also get answers to FAQ about La. Homeschool laws, options, etc (including a sample letter to send to the state) at, click on the FAQ link on the left.

My motto is “The only thing better than cheap is free”. I promise you that you can homeschool very affordably. I buy books used from Amazon and Ebay. I buy most of my new books from Rainbow Resource. Request their free print catalog and use it as a guide to what to get from the library. I re-sale the books we have completed on Ebay and use that money to buy our new books. For the upcoming school year I spent $62 on books for my 9 year old son and that was all money that I generated by selling our previous years books.

We are “eclectic, leaning towards unschooling” so we do not use one packaged curriculum, just things that sound like fun to us.

Relax, have fun and enjoy the best experience of you and your daughters’ lives! Jodie


Ms. Phyllis
Yes, I have some information on homeschooling. I, too, am a single homeschooling mother. I just began homeschooling in November 2006, but I have done a lot of research to help make homeschooling my son as cost effective as possible.

First, find out the homeschooling laws for the state of Louisiana. The Home School Legal Defense Association is the best place to begin, and the link is below:

I own and moderate an online homeschool resource support group that has posts and links for lots of free and low cost homeschooling resources; I invite you to join. Below is the link:

There is an online resource, The Book Samaritan, that will help you to obtain used homeschool curricula absolutely free. Click on the link below:

If you need further assistance, please feel free to e-mail me.


6 years ago
This Site Might Help You.

Can I get some info on home schooling? Im not trying to go bankrupt doing it!?
I live in Louisiana and Im going to homeschool my two girls grades 4&9. I'm a single mom so I don't have alot of money to spend and I sure don't have any to waste on scams. Please help.


Homeschooling on a budget is not impossible, just tricky to manuver(spelling?). There are a LOT of FREE sites, you just have to look really hard. Old Fashioned Education is a great FREE site and has a yahoo group to join and get advice and so forth. For books and curriculum to use try checking out your local library and make the rounds to some of your favorite thrift stores as you can sometimes find schoolbooks cheap. If you have a Dollar Tree store near you, check them out as they have school supplies at this time.

I strongly urge you to STAY AWAY from boxed curriculum sets as they will usually only cover 1 child for 1 year.

When you do your searching on the computer, you will have to check out a lot of stuff to get just what you need—-when you find a site you like or is good for the kids, write it on an index card. I use this method for my daughter so that she has a collection of KID FRIENDLY sites to go to (games,school); the file boxes will run you about $1 (at most)—-I put the web address, user name, password info on the card and in the upper corner I put a catagory (Science,History,Math, etc)—each child can have their own file (mom too).

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the google bar, type in anything that comes to mind–you would be suprised at the stuff that comes up.

Good luck to you and your girls and welcome to the wonderful world of homeschooling.


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