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can academic success become the accurate prediction of sucessful future?

can academic success become the accurate prediction of sucessful future?

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I guess it depends on your definition of successful future. Someone who did well with academics may have had to ignore family and friends to concentrate solely on their grades. Do you think someone with a good job but has no friends a success?

5 years ago
It does not guarantee anything. In any business enterprise, even as an engineer you will have to generate a profit, pay for yourself. Too many engineerswho were good at bookwork where money was not an issue, approach a field project impractically and without any concern for how much it will cost the client to build. I see plans and finished work all the time in the petroleum industry where I find myself asking how in the hell some engineer dreamed this up. It really has to do with a design engineer who has had no practical field experience. Never got his or her hands dirty. Some things cannot be taught in a classroom. The best engineers are those who came up in the field in my opinion. They offer straight forward cost effective solutions, and they can assess a situation and make a decision quickly because they have been there and done it. Get your degree, and go do some hard labor in your field while you’re young. It’ll put you ahead in the long run.

if a person have academic success, he will be easy to learn extra anything in his future. that means he will have a big advantage for his success.

Not necessarily. Other factors such as emotional maturity, self confidence and self esteem, personality, inherited tendency (addition resistance) and overall physical and mental health can make a difference. I would recommend that you see the movie “A Beautiful Mind”

slightly but things change all of the sudden.. you would only realize that your classmate long time ago who is considered to be the nerdiest and ignorant would have made it to be the most successful.. who may ever know…

When I was in Law school, they used to tell us that “A students teach, B students end up working for C students.”

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depends how you use it

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