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Can a Physician’s Assistant be a partner in a doctor’s practice?

Can a Physician’s Assistant be a partner in a doctor’s practice?

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I highly doubt it. A partner would have to have the same qualifications and make the same financial investment.

Not really. You’re a junior associate.

I don’t even truly know if a Nurse Practitioner can do that.

I mean yes it is possible, but in the reality of things no.

There is a pecking order and DOCTORS are on the top of the heap.

It sets a bad precedent.

They want you to have your own license, your own client base, they want YOU to contribute directly to the financial success and as a NP and PA you are under SUPERVISION so you are not an equal.

I have a friend with over 15 years in as a Para Legal in which he worked BOTH TABLES in the courtroom. He’s making at or above Entry Level LAWYER PAY. But if he were to get a LAW degree his pay would double or possibly triple.

He is scraping his head on the ceilling of the paycheck at about $50-$60K a year with only 2 or 3 year of college and no law school. BUT since he worked for both PLAINTIFF and PETITIONER and has 15 years total experience he rates a pay check above that of a Lawyer fresh from Law School with NO experience.

BUT his will NEVER get SENIOR LAW ASSOCIATE PAY. Which is a full Lawyer with 10-15 years experience who is making over $100K

It’s just the way things are done.

My Uncle was an ORDERLY at a Psychiatric hospital and they eventually let him lead GROUP sessions, but at ORDERLY PAY of about $18K

They told him to get a degree and become an RN. THey even PAID for him to do it.

He did. The day he got his AA and RN license his pay went from $18k to $25k one shot.

His work didn’t not change. He did the SAME job as a Psychaitric Nurse as he did as a PSychiatric Orderly, but his pay grade changed.


They can be an ownership partner, but since the PA always needs the approval of the MD for prescriptions and other things, it is sort of an unbalanced partnership, since on has authority over the other.

i dont think so , partners are equals i think i could be wrong and if i am someone will point it out

will i know people in heaven?
sounds like a bad idea

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