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Are you being home schooled or were you home schooled?

Did you ever go to regular school? Why do you think your parents made the decision to home school? Do you like it? Are you resentful or do your extracurricular activities make up for not being around other kids all day?

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I think that with your interest in providing your child with a quality education that she could excel academically in the home environment. You have to alter your perceptions about education though. Your child does not have to fit the school. You can make the education fit your child. Try it. You won’t regret it. Unschooling is a marvelous concept in education. It basically means that you use every resource at hand and the world in general to foster learning in your child. It uses the natural love of learning that every child has and lets them express it by following all the little exciting rabbit trails of gaining knowlege on any subject. I unschooled science until grade 6 and then felt guilty so bought a curriculum. We had to throw it out because it was so juvenile they wouldn’t look at it, besides their knowlege was way too advanced. Same thing with History and Social Studies. Unschooling takes learning out of it’s strict little dry box with it’s strict little rules and grades and blows it wide open into an exciting, relevent adventure that the children never forget. My 12 year old could put an adult to shame with her understanding of world history and current events, all through unschooling.

No, I was not homeschooled. Always went to public school. Even became a teacher.

I’d ask my kids your questions but they’re in bed right now. I’ll see what they say tomorrow, possibly, and add their answers in. But I think your perspective is a little off. Your last question makes it sound like it’s some inalienable requirement to be around other kids all day. As though we are somehow just born with an instinctive need to be in a herd of other kids the same age. We aren’t. It’s a social fabrication. A recent one at that. “Make up for”… Make up for what? There’s no need to be around other kids all day. Truly. There’s no real advantage to being around other kids all day. Especially same-age kids. My children don’t have anything “made up” for not being around other kids all the time because it’s not a developmental need. They therefore have nothing to be resentful about.


I was “unofficially” homeschooled. I was always a bright kid, but hated the school environment. My parents were working class people from families where practically no one ever finished high school– they were not educationally oriented.

I stopped going to school at 14; I started reading a lot because I spent my days cutting at the library, and I started working part-time. I really began to flourish socially, once I was out of school, because I had always been shy, and getting out of such an intimidating environmnent helped me to come out of my shell a bit, plus when I went to school, a place I’d always hated, I was always depressed. Dropping out felt like a weight off my shoulders, I was simply a happier person.

By the time I was 16, my parents signed me out officially, but I still was self-motivated to educate myself, was learning valuable working skills, and finally had friends and a social life.

I ended up getting my GED, went to college and graduated with honors (B.A. degree). I wasn’t officially homeschooled by my parents, but basically unschooling is what I was doing.


I never went to public school. I graduated through American School of Correspondence late this June.

My parents decided to home school us (my 7 siblings and me) because the public schools in our area were awful. My parents went there and swore they would never send any of their children there.

I am certainly not resentful. Infact, we, being home schooled, had advantages over public schoolers. My three older brothers were all in vocational school by the age of 15. My brothers and I all graduated at 16. We had our futures planned out and kicked started them before public schoolers our age graduated.

As for us being socialized, we had home schooling groups, jobs, numerous sports and activities. We were definitely “around other kids” nearly everyday. The best part about that was we weren’t in age groups. The older kids helped the younger kids learn what they knew, at the same time being taught new things themselves. Socialization isn’t only learning to deal with peers and teachers, it’s about being in the real world, which I don’t believe public school is.


I was home schooled a little, unschooled at lot and also went to Parochial, Private and Publics schools.

Hannah M
I was at home with a governess until I was 8; I then went to primary school for a couple of years (most of which I considered to be an absolute waste of time!) but now I’m home schooled. I’m home schooled partly because I have certain special health needs which make going away to boarding school not an option for me…and partly because there are no secondary schools where we live. Kids who go to school at 12yrs old+ have to go away to boarding school and that’s getting tougher and tougher for all families to manage.

Oh and my Dad reckons he isn’t paying $25,000 a year for strangers to teach me bad habits when he can do it himself for free! LOL!



I am homeschooled!!! I went to a private school for a while and Then My mom homeschooled us because that is how she did all of my ollder sibs! I am glad to be homeschooled! I do Lots of extracurricular activities and I really enjoy it!

no, but i wish i was, my siblings were.

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