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O.K. i am confused. when you take AP classes in highschool, and do ok until it comes to the exams. the whole class doesn’t count at all? so you hav to like redo the year or your GPA will just slip?

i am wondering if i should take AP or not. i am not the best student but i heard colleges like that on our transcript or whatever you send them. i mean, i can always try working my butt off. but i am not sure….hmmmm…. so if for instance (repeating) you start taking AP in 11th grade. during the year you get OK grades. and then you do the Exam and what if you do reallly, i mean REALLY BADLY!!! OH MY! does that leave you no where? i heard that it won’t be credited as a college thing then, but what about credited at your school. i mean, it will be then a waste of the year. so you practically fail your grade? or just tell me, how does it affect my GPA or grade or whatever?

plz people, no jokes or mean phrases here!

i’m not stupid

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I don’t know if your school gives you “extra” points towards your GPA if you take AP classes or not, but no matter what, your class, whether you do well on the final or not, will count towards your GPA.

Colleges will be able to see that you at least tried AP classes once you send them your transcript, and that will mean something and be taken into account! I mean, they would rather see you try and not get the credit than not try it at all!

However, if you do not get the minimum required grade on the final exam you will NOT get the college credits for that class.

One thing you should know though, is that just because you do not do well on the final, it does not mean that the class was a total waste as far as your school graduation requirements go. You will still get the credit for taking the class (unless you fail the actual class), so the final exam is mostly for the actual college credit.

Most high schools treat AP classes and finals differently, so talk to your AP teachers about how much the final exam counts towards your grade in the class and talk to your counselor about the procedure with your GPA 🙂

I hope this helped, best of luck! 🙂


Well. If you take an AP class and do well in it, of course it goes towards your GPA. So in that sense, it does count. But when you take the AP exam, it’s a different story. You can pass an AP exam with a 3. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get college credit for doing so. It actually depends on the college/university that you want to attend. Many colleges only count the credit if you get a 4 or a 5. And yes, colleges do like to see that you’re taking challenging AP classes when they look at your transcript. Making a B in an AP class .. would look better than making an A in a regular class.

But to answer your question in a more straightforward manner, if you at least PASS the class, you should get credit from your HIGH SCHOOL. Passing is usually at least a D average. Again, that doesn’t mean you’ll get college credit. So no, it’s not a waste of a year. It may seem like it though, if you do poorly in the class.

*Your high school doesn’t really care if you pass an AP exam or not. They just want to make sure you pass the class!*


You should definitely take AP classes. In AP the grading scale is different, so for instance a B in AP is sometimes an A in regular classes and GPA is weighted the same way. I wouldn’t load up on more than 3 per year b/c they require lots of studying and homework at home. They last the whole year.

As far as the grading goes, it works like this. You take the class like a normal class and have the grades like its a normal class. The GPA is calculated like a regular class would be. At the end of the course, your grades are in for the school and thats all. Then you take the AP Exam to try to get college credit. Usually a 3 or better is credit, but depends on college. The AP Exam is made out by the same people that make the SAT and is just a way to see if you get college credit. Your high school doesnt use the AP exam grade at all! It comes in mid July to your house in the mail. On a college application, it looks really really good that you challenged yourself to take AP classes even if you make lower than you normally would in a regular class. They like to see you challenge yourself. Just passing the class itself will do a great deal to help you get into a good college, and if you make good enough on the exam, thats a bonus because then you get to skip those classes in college.

Hope this helps and GO FOR IT!


Your GPA is not affected if you take AP course. I took my third AP exam this year. I would recommend that you take AP classes because it is worth a 6 if you get an A when an honors class is only worth a 5 with an A. It cannot affect your GPA because the exam grade does not come out until the middle of July and report cards are given out way before then. Definitely take AP classes if they are offered. There is no downfall to taking them and in order to get a high ranking in a school with AP classes then taking the class is a must.

AP grading scale:A=6 B=5 C=4 D=3 F=N/G

Honors: A=5 B=4 C=3 D=2 F=N/G

College Prep: A=4 B=3 C=2 D=1 F=N/G

I hope this helps and allows you to sign up for AP classes next year. Strive for all you can be.


Dr. Mike
Ok… the AP exam does not count as part of your GPA, it is just a means of getting college credit (if you score a 4 or 5).

I took AP European this year and the Global Regents (for NY state) exam was our “final” exam. So even if you bomb the exam, it doesn’t affect your grade, you just won’t get that class as part of college credit.

AP classes are relatively hard and do require A LOT of work and studying (i repeat, a lot of studying). But if you are smart and motivated, and study, you will do alright.

believe me if you don’t want to have to work, don’t take AP, take honors or regular.


The AP exams are there to weed out the people who cheated or slacked off in class from those who actually tried hard. It’s kinda like the SAT. If you think about it, if you do bad on the SAT, your whole 4 years of high school career is thrown out of the window too, regardless of how good your grades are.

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