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An old tale about a bird whose sweetest song is sung right before it dies…?

I remember hearing a tale (or perhaps fact…) about there being some bird whose sweetest song is sung right before it dies (and I believe the death that follows is because it impales itself or something morbid). Does anyone know the details on this story and what kind of bird it is? It strikes me as an old folk-tale, but I can’t remember any specifics to it.

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Kevin B

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“The Nightingale and the Rose” by Oscar Wilde

Thorn birds- used in the wonderful book/movie of the same name- a mythical bird that from the time it hatches seeks a thorn tree and then impales itself singing the most beautiful song as it dies.

4 years ago
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Elaine P…is for Poetry
The bird is a swan, which is said to sing just before the moment of its death. The expression “you’ll be singing a swan song,” is gangsterese, for “you’re going to die.”

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