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am i left handed or right handed?

i wright with my left but i throw with my right i want to know because i want an electric guitar

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The bassist in my band is similar to you. He writes, eats, and does his artwork and tattooing left-handed. However, he plays bass like a right hander, as well as throws right-handed.

My advice to you would be to try playing guitar right handed for a little while. Borrow a guitar from a friend or someone for a few days and see how it feels right-handed. If it feels pretty natural, get a right-handed guitar. The benefits outweigh the negatives of playing right-handed. There are usually more options, better availability, and right-handed guitars are sometimes a little cheaper than their left-handed cousins.

If you absolutely must get a left-handed guitar, then by all means do so. Just realize it will be more difficult finding a guitar with the options you really want.

Good luck!


5 years ago
Right handed

My husband is right-handed, but throws with his left. Perhaps you are one of the lucky ambidextrous ones, but if you cannot write with your right hand, then you’re not. The best thing for you to do is to go to a guitar store and try out both – see which feels most comfortable to you.

hey… i’m left-handed/// i write with my left hand but can do everything else with both hands (though i’m more at ease with the left one)

i an a Sitar player but i play it the right handed style because there is no Sitar made for left handed… it is not a drawback to play the right handed style if you’re left handed. it gives you certain advantages: you will be have better dexterility over the frets.

but maybe you should try both types before.


I write with my left hand, throw with my right and bat righty too, but I cannot write with my right hand so I consider myself left-handed.

Go to the Music store and see if you can try a couple out and see which you are more comfortable with.


Kelly R
You are ambidextrous like me.

I can write with both hands but easier with my right. I do everything else with my left hand – eat, throw, chop veggies( I can do this with both hands actually)


get a right handed guitar. i’m left handed, but i play guitar right handed. it doesnt really matter, its personal preferance

your left handed(with art). this is because you tend to use your left hand more since most people,assuming you go to school or did, do homework more than they play ball. it is your writing hand that is more dominate. for example, i write with my right, throw with my left, im either with tennis(since tennis has throwing motions to it) and drum with my right(cymbals). writing is an art,and so is music.

you are left handed

for example

i snap with my left hand

i write with my right hand

evrything else i can do with my right hand except snap

so that means im right handed


You write with your left, but throw with your right? Sounds ambidextrous to me.

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