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A question for Early Childhood Educator’s (E.C.E.) ?

Are you working in your field after you graduated? And are you making a decent wage? Do you feel your education landed you a good job?

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Yes I am. I started working for the school district before I graduated as a sub, which got me a foot in the door, plus the super was my kindergarten teacher. 🙂 I am making a very good wage, I work in a well paid district. You must realize that I have my master’s, and I am working on my PhD now. I feel that I landed a good job, I took what I learned and applied it to my job.

Brandy W
I worked in the EC field for six years and had more than 140 training hours. I worked from cook (before I graduated HS) to assistant director. I ended making just over $10/hr. That’s not a great wage, not enough to live on well.

My mother has an ECE degree and has been in the field 25 years. She recently got a job w/ the state of Florida as a program manager (they’re starting some new program dealing with quality control and such). They’ve offered her just over $30,000/yr…crappy for the time in the field!!!

I guess if you work for a public school system instead of in a child care center you would make more, though.


Yes, I am working in the field after I graduated. I make a great wage- $24,000 a year working 4 hours a day and summers off also 10 paid vacation days- but no benefits. I love it because I can still be with my own children. They would have not hired me without the education.

cartoon queen
I have an ECE degree, and taught for 5 years in public school, I am now beginning my first year in Christian Education at about 2/3 of my previous pay, BUT I feel I will better be able to use my education there than in public school (not as much red tape)

I am working in my field and I do feel my education helped with my current position although I wouldnt say it is the best paying field to be in. The rewards are many and come in the forms of hugs, laughter and knowing you have touched the livs of a child.

Yes I was working in a job after I graduated.Not right now because I had to move back south. When I was working my Degree got me a great paying job before I had to move.

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